What are essential oils?

A certain type of oil extracted from the leaves, stems, bark, roots or flowers of specific medicinal plants.  They house the plant’s immune system.  The same plant can produce different kinds of essential oils based on where the oil was extracted from the plant.  When extracted correctly, our bodies can utilize these tools the same way the plants do.  Essential oils are:
  • Regenerative
  • Soothing
  • Calming
  • Energizing
  • Antiviral
  • Healing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Antipruritic
  • Antiparasitic

Why use essential oils?

Essential oils are approximately 50-70x more potent than their herbal counterparts.  For example, 1 drop of peppermint is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea.


Natural Compounds:
Because of their natural form, essential oils easily penetrate the lipid cell membrane and work from the inside out.  Some oils can even cross the blood-brain barrier.  Our bodies readily accept these oils into our cells and tissue because they are viewed as familiar and not foreign.


Because our bodies recognize these substances as natural, essential oils are quickly dispersed and accepted into the cells.  They can absorb into the blood system as quickly as 26-30 seconds.


Less Side Effects:
The current percentage of reported side effects is 0.006% with doTERRA CPTG oils, such as minor skin irritation due to improper application.


Proven effective through clinical research and scientific data. For example, there are over 1,200 published clinical research studies on peppermint alone.


One dose of Lavender = $0.08.  That’s an amazing night sleep for $0.08. A usual dose of oil is ~1 drop and there are 250 drops in a 15mL bottle.  A little goes a long way and can last a really long time.


Easy to Use:
Essential oils take seconds to use… And honestly, you can’t really mess it up.


How to use essential oils

You can inhale essential oils for their medicinal benefits by using a diffuser.  You can also simply inhale the essential oil aroma directly from your bottle or your hands.  Diffusing oils is the preferred method for inhalation because you can acquire systemic effects.  Medicinal compounds can reach your blood system and target your body’s tissues and cells.  Inhaling essential oils can open airways, support the respiratory system as well as clean the air and environment.
Science shows inhaling different aromatic aromas can affect the way our brain functions by stimulating the Limbic System to alter our emotions, focus, energy, motivation, pleasure, sleep, impulses and mood.
What's a diffuser?
A diffuser is not a humidifier or a burner.  A diffuser is a machine specific to the dispersion of essential oils. Diffusers have a specialized mechanism that aerosolizes essential oils for aroma, respiratory support and system absorption into the blood system.  Putting oils in a humidifier, CPAP or BiPAP machine will clog the filters.  Using oils in a burner will degrade and destroy the medicinal compounds.
Topical application means applying essential oils directly onto the skin.  This can be done for desired therapeutic effects on the skin or for systemic absorption.  Medicinal compounds placed on the skin have the ability to reach the blood system, dispersing to tissue and cells throughout the body.  The typical topical adult dose for CPTG essential oils is only 1-3 drops of oil.

Having a coach is key to safe essential oil practices for all ages!  Some oils are safe to apply directly on the skin (neat) while others require proper dilution (such as hot oils).  Also, different essential oils are recommended at different ages.  The typical rule of thumb is to always dilute essential oils with a carrier oil to help the oil penetrate down into the dermis (blood supply of the skin), decrease evaporation, dilute potency and allow for application over a larger service area.  Bottom line, use a carrier oil!

What is a carrier oil?

A carrier oil is any plant based oil used to mix with an essential oil to dilute the essential oil’s potency.  The most frequently used carrier oil is Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) because it doesn’t leave a greasy residue, absorbs quickly and doesn’t have an aroma.  Fractionated simply means it stays liquid at any temperature.  Carrier oils can also be used for their moisturizing benefits such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil or shae nut oil.



2-3 drops of essential oil per 1 teaspoon of carrier oil


1-2 drops of essential oil per 2 teaspoon of carrier oil


1 drop of essential oil per 1 tablespoon of carrier oil


You can mix any essential oil together, they do not interact.  You have the option to mix the essential oil and carrier oil directly in your cupped hand or premix and store your formulas.  Topical applications can be premixed and placed in a glass roller bottle or pump.  Dark glass is best to protect the medicinal compounds inside the oils.  Store oils at room or cool temperatures.  Remember to keep a lid on the oils to prevent oxidation.


Essential oils are already part of our diet through the food we eat so the human body is well equipped to safely metabolize them.  When we consume essential oils internally up to 95% of their medicinal compounds can reach our blood system and disperse into our tissues and cells!  WOW!  Because of this, internal use is the most effective way to acquire systemic results.


I ONLY advocate for the use of doTERRA essential oils internally due to frequent mislabeling and adulterations found in today’s essential oil market.  However, not all of doTERRA’s essential oils are recommended for internal use due to how they are processed and absorbed.  You will know if an essential oil is safe for ingestion if there is a Supplement Fact label on the bottle.  It will be clearly indicated.  To use doTERRA oils internally you can place 1-2 drops inside a veggie capsule to swallow, drop the oil directly in your mouth, place them onto a spoon to mix with honey or add the oil to another liquid and drink them.  Just like using oils topically, remember to dilute Hot oils with at least 3oz of another liquid.  Always use glass or stainless steel to drink oils out of because the oils can degrade the lining of plastic allowing you to digest the chemicals.  The typical adult dose for essential oils use internally is 1-2 drops.  Internal use should be guided by your coach to review amounts, dilution, proper ingestion route, age and size of the individual.

Why doTERRA?

Due to a lack of federal regulations, adulteration, contamination, dilution and improper labeling is common in over the counter essential oils.  This means you can go to a local health food supplier, spa or store to purchase an oil that says “100% Pure” on the label but truly have no idea what’s in that bottle.  Terrifying.

Extracting essential oils is truly a science.  Incorrect extraction times, temperatures and durations destroy medicinal properties.  Having properly trained doctors, biochemists and scientists extract the oils correctly is imperative if you plan to use an essential oil for medicinal purposes.

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What is CPTG?

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) is a certification only doTERRA essential oils possess. This means each bottle of doTERRA’s essential oils have been quality-tested above industry standards and meets medicinal CPTG quality. Want more? doTERRA takes it even further and releases the quality testing and purity reports directly to you! The consumer! Amazing… If you enter the code located on the bottom of your doTERRA bottle into www.sourcetoyou.com, doTERRA provides you full transparency. You know everything about the oil in your hand! I call that peace of mind.

What is Indigenous Sourcing?

doTERRA gets more than 100 essential oils from over 40 different countries where the plants flourish naturally. More than half of these countries can be classified as developing 3rd world countries. Through a system called co-impact sourcing doTERRA provides fair wages, job opportunities and charitable projects through their Healing Hands Foundation. Indigenous sourcing allows for maximum therapeutic potency. Sourcing plants where they thrive naturally, in specific regions of the world is imperative. If you plan to use an essential oil for medicinal reasons, know where it comes from!

doTERRA’s integration into the healthcare system

doTERRA’s goal is to fully merge into the healthcare system providing accessible integrative healthcare to everyone. A proven method of healthcare through integrative medicine by merging traditional western methods and essential oil therapy. Take time to meet doTERRA’s Medical Advisory Panel and review the research behind doTERRA and additional health and wellness resources.