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I am passionate about walking along side people on their wellness journey to help guide them, whatever that looks like for you at whatever stage you are.

Being on my team offers you

  • 1:1 Wellness Consultation with me
  • Access to my private support group
  • Access to me as your coach
  • Access to resources and oil education classes
  • 25%-55% off all doTERRA products
  • Access to members-only products
  • Optional access to the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) which allows you to get an additional 10%-30% off products, with 100% of your shipping rebated to you in the form of free product points.

There is no obligation to order monthly…

This is a membership that works for you!

Membership Options

To join my team for coaching, you must first become a member on my team.

A doTERRA membership works just like a Costco or Sam’s Club membership. This is the best and most cost-effective way to purchase oils and natural health products. Once you become a member you have your own doTERRA account and order oils directly through doTERRA (cut out the middle man, you are in control!!). You can purchase your essential oils and natural health products with your 25% off membership discount whenever you feel like shopping. There is no obligation to order monthly. Then, the products arrive at your door typically within 2-3 days!

Enrollment Kit

Starting with an enrollment kit takes the guess work out of where and how to start. doTERRA gives you the fundamental oils, used most frequently day-to-day. This is the most popular option because doTERRA offers additional savings through their kit purchases and includes a FREE membership!


Membership Fee

You can join my team with a $35 membership fee. You can choose to purchase the membership independently or add selected personalized items to your first purchase at the discounted membership rate.

Get Started Online

Join & Save

Click on the tab at the top that says “Join and Save”. Then at the bottom of this page click on the green button that says “join doTERRA.”

Input Information

There will be a page that will ask for your name, address, personal information and to create a password. On this page put my ID (3099508) where it asks for the enroller. This will put you on my team!

Select the Kit

Next, select the kit you want to start with. You can gain membership onto my team by either choosing an Enrollment Kit or paying a $35 membership fee by selecting the Introductory Packet in the kit selection bar (then add any oils you want to your membership a la carte through the search bar).


Review your cart and totals and then click continue.


Last, you will enter your payment information and then continue.

Tools & Resources

If you’re like me you want accessible tools, research and resources. These are a few of my favorite sites!

Tools to get started